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Corporate Social Responsibility

- A way of life for GVPR

"The real Happiness lies in giving" - GVPR strongly believes this, and so it is continuously involved in giving back to the society.

GVPR is dedicatedly engaged in philanthropic activities and the company lends a helping hand to organizations involved in the field of healthcare, educare, agri-care, animal-care and aqua-care etc.

GVPR also extends liberal support to the Central/State Governments during natural calamities. Our concern for animal welfare was concretized by establishing a veterinary hospital in a village. GVPR also supports the poor students to pursue higher education by adopting students.

GVPR in order to do more good work on the back-drop of CSR provisions in the companies Act, 2013 established GSPV Trust, an NGO (Non-governmental organization), through which many community works are being undertaken. This NGO also works on the welfare of handicapped, orphans & also sponsors /adopts students for higher education, conducts health camps & family welfare programs.